Tuesday, November 25, 2008

ING Savings Account

My huband recently received a mailing from ING Direct offering him $25 if he opened an Orange Savings Account. I was about to throw this piece of junk mail away but I decided to open it and read it. Well guess what? That Orange Savings account has no minimum balance fees and it has 2.75% annual percentage yield. Not bad at all, so I opened an account for myself. The money is easy to access because it is linked to your checking account, regardless of where you have your checking account at. Here's the website where you can learn more http://home.ingdirect.com/products/products.asp . I know we can all use a little extra cash during these tough economic times.

Hyland's Cough Syrup

So with all the bru ha ha going around about not giving young children mutli symptom meds for colds, we are left wondering how the heck we can help our kids when they're up all night coughing and crying.
My daughter recently had a very nasty cough that sent us to her pediatrician, who is a gem by the way. Dr. B suggested maybe using honey as a cough suppressant and with a good reason. A recent study (I don't remember where I read it) showed that buckwheat honey was more effective at suppressing a cough in young children than the leading medicated cough suppressant.
As I was headed to the honey aisle at my local Whole Foods, I saw the Hyland's cough syrup for kids http://www.hylands.com/products/coughsyrup4kids.php and I thought I would try it. Guess what? It actually helped my daughter's cough quiet down and she was able to sleep. Since it's made with a honey base, my daughter didn't mind taking it. Please note that this syrup is only meant for kids ages 2 and up because of the honey.

Welcome to my new blog

Okay, okay so I've been trying this blog thing for a while now but I can never keep up with it. However, I always end finding a product that I really like and end up wishing that I had a blog where I could tell people about it. I do not receive any type of compensation for the mentioning the "stuff I like". My satisfaction comes from knowing that I've hopefully made someone else's life easier.